Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes & Supporting Documents

Our Annual General Meeting is held annually and serves as a yearly update on what we've been up to as an organisation. You can read the minutes from the last few years of meetings here.

Annual Reports & Financial Statements

Our Annual Report and Financial Statements explain the main trends and factors underlying the development, performance and financial position of the Union, as well as how these trends may affect the future.

Strategic and Operating Plans

Our goal is to create a strategy that maps out CSU's development for the next three years. To do this, we need to speak to those people who steer it - you! To make this happen, our strategic plan is being reviewed during the academic year 2020/2021 and a brand new one will take effect from September 2021, following approval by the Board of Trustees.

In the short term, we have an Operating Plan that outlines our strategy for the academic year 2020/2021, which you can view here.

Code of Practice

The Code of Practice details the legal rules that CSU must comply with in order to meet the requirements of Section 22 of the Education Act 1994. The Code of Practice includes various aspects of the Students' Union, such as the right to free and fair elections, finance, allocations of resources, services for members and non-members, affiliations to external organisations and how students wish to make a complaint about the Students' Union. You can read it in full here.

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Registered Office: Parkgate Road, Chester CH1 4BJ
Registered in England Company Number: 7623621
Registered Charity Number: 1149397

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