Annual General Meeting

This year's AGM will take place on Wednesday 21st April at 4PM.

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Draft Agenda Published: Thursday 1st April

Last Day for Agenda Submissions: Friday 9th April

Finalised Agenda Published: Wednesday 14th April

Last Day for Amendments to Agenda: Thursday 15th April

Last Day for Vote Proxies: Thursday 15th April

Minutes Published: Wednesday 28th April


If we fail to meet quorum, the following dates will apply:

Reserve AGM Date: Wednesday 28th April at 4pm

Last Day for Registering Vote Proxies: Friday 23rd April

Minutes Published: Wednesday 5th May

FAQs and Documents

What's an AGM?

AGM is our Annual General Meeting, a legal requirement of us as a charitable membership organisation.


What happens at an AGM?

Normally, votes are taken on different agenda items that have been proposed prior to the meeting. Regular agenda items include:

  • Voting to ratify the minutes from the previous AGM
  • Report from the Board of Trustees
  • Voting to approve the Union's financial accounts for the previous financial year
  • Voting to formally appoint auditors for the next financial year
  • Voting to re-confirm affiliation with the National Union of Students
  • Presentation from the current officer team on their Joint Manifesto
  • Questions from members present

Other agenda items can be proposed before the AGM by emailing before Friday 9th April 2021.


What is a quorum?

A quorum is defined as the minimum number of members required to be present in order for the business of the meeting to be conducted. Currently, this stands at 100 members. If attendance at AGM fails to meet quorum, the meeting will reconvene on Wednesday 28th April with no quoracy requirement, as set out in our current Articles of Association


I want to vote at AGM but I can't attend

If you can't attend, we can help you to arrange a proxy voter. You'll tell your proxy voter how you intend to vote on each motion before AGM and they will submit your votes on your behalf. As this takes some arrangement, we require all proxies to be in place by Thursday 15th April.

You can organise a proxy by filling in this form: Appointment of Proxy Form and returning it to before 15th April.


Important Documents

Draft Agenda

Agenda Item 3: Draft Minutes for 2019/20 AGM

Agenda Item 5: Proposed Revised Articles of Association (and version with tracked changes)

Agenda Item 6: Union Accounts (2019/20)

Agenda Item 9: Officer Priorities (2020/21)

Official Announcement of AGM

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Registration Details

Registered Office: Parkgate Road, Chester CH1 4BJ
Registered in England Company Number: 7623621
Registered Charity Number: 1149397

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