Welcome to the CSU Advice Centre. We offer advice on many areas that may affect you during your time here at University.

Our commitment to you is that the advice we offer is:

  • Free

  • Confidential

  • Non-judgemental

  • Impartial


We’ve provided a variety of information here on our website, including guides on how to complete forms, tips on moving into your first student house and more.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for or would like to speak to our team, contact us online today.


You can find more information on how we keep your information confidential, and how we operate the Advice Service in our Advice Manual. We also want to make sure you feel that you’re getting the best advice we can offer. That’s why we also have a standards guide which explains what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you.


About the Advice Service

The Students’ Union Advice Service is based at Chester and Warrington campuses, offering in-person appointments to provide you with advice and support on a number of topics. We have separate, confidential rooms to discuss your case, and commit to providing free impartial advice and guidance on what may come next.


The advisors here at CSU are experienced and qualified to help with a range of queries, including guiding you through a number of the University’s academic processes such as appeals and academic integrity, providing guidance when house hunting and what to do in cases of disrepair, and helping you to complete your first budgets.



If you would like to speak with an advisor, you can contact us directly through the website, or find details of our drop-ins at www.chestersu.com/advice. Please note that drop-ins are not available for the foreseeable future due to the Coronavirus lockdown. You can request an onling face-to-face Teams appointment via our Contact form.

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