Looking after your money at University can be a whole new experience, simply due to how different it is to almost any other income you receive. Receiving a large sum of money in term one can be extremely tempting, and we would say before you spend any of it, sort out your budget!

If you’re struggling with your finances, get in touch and we will work with you on the options you have available.

Budgeting Advice at CSU

At CSU, we don’t give advice on Student Finance England, but we can help you to plan your budget effectively once you know how much money you’re receiving. It’s not uncommon for students to splurge at the start of the term and be struggling to cover costs at the end of it, but we can help you make your money stretch further.

Make sure you write down all your income and all of your outgoings for each term. You might receive or need to pay different amounts at different times. Payments are usually weekly, fortnightly, monthly or termly. Calculating totals over the whole term will help you to see what you should have left overall, and then you can divide those amounts down to match when you will need to pay for things.

If you need help with your budgeting or are finding yourself struggling to make ends meet, get in touch and we’ll advise you on what you can do next.

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