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by ISAAC TIMMINS 18 January 2021, 01:14

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Changin place

in the uk 1 in 4 are disabled & out of them many typical "acsessible" toilets are not fit for purpouse,  many other universities have installed Changing Places Toilets to help their students/staff & commuinity at large with these facliites, 


But What are changing places toilets, 

they provide, 

- a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench

- a tracking hoist system, or mobile hoist if this is not possible.



Changing Places toiletEnough space

- adequate space in the changing area for the disabled person and up to two carers

- a centrally placed toilet with room either side 

- a screen or curtain to allow some privacy.


Changing Places toiletA safe and clean environment

- wide tear off paper roll to cover the bench

- a large waste bin for disposable pads

- a non-slip floor.

Here are some examples from our colleauges at other universities 

University of Bournmouth: 

University of Liverpool: 

& Teeside University: 


I already know at least one good location for a IHUS changing places facilty ( basicaly changing places as above but in it's own prefab building) & that is the small patch of wasted ground infont of the libray on the Warrington campus, 


I apologise if this campain is directed at the wrong place but i hopeat leat awareness has been raised,  



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