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Dear VC

Did you know that from 1st January 2020, the University of Chester is getting its first new Vice Chancellor in over 20 years? Professor Tim Wheeler is retiring after 21 years at the helm of the University (and the College before it) and passing the reins over to Professor Eunice Simmons, current Deputy Vice Chancellor at Nottingham Trent University.

To help Professor Simmons out as she takes us into this new era, we want to make sure she has the opportunity to focus on the issues that most affect you. To that end, we've launched Dear VC, your chance to share your thoughts about your UoC experience directly with the University's senior management team.

Elected Officers will be collecting feedback during the next round of Union on Tour (18th-22nd November 2019), but if you can't catch them don't worry! Simply fill out the survey below to share your thoughts and help to shape the future of your University.


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