Chester Students’ Union run campaigns addressing matters on a local, national and global scale. All campaigns start with a passion or idea which work towards a goal of creating a positive change. 

If you are interested in running a campaign get in touch with your Elected Officer Team or Student Experience Rep and we can help you to make change happen!

A great way of making a start is submitting a Big Idea - an idea for a change on campus you'd love to see us support. Click here for more info!

Current Campaigns: 

Value for Money? (December - January 2020) - Led by CSU President 

Since fees have risen over consecutive years following the tuition cap rising to £9000 in 2010, students are increasingly concerned about getting ‘Value for Money’ from their degree and time at University. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ‘blended learning approach’ adopted by the university perceptions of ‘value for money’ have undoubtedly changed.  

We want to: 

  • Engage with 700 students through two short surveys in December and January 

  • Understand where students think their fees are going and where they would like them to go  

  • Share a breakdown of where student’s fees are going within the current ‘blended learning’ offering at the University of Chester to encourage transparency from the university and collect feedback from students.   

We hope that this campaign will: 

  •  Provide students with an infographic that is useful for understanding how the fees are spent at the University of Chester  

  • Help us publish and present a report to the University of Chester Value for Money committee with feedback from students. 


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