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 The Chester University Archaeology society is a warm and welcoming group of people, where we are oriented towards experimental archaeology - from glass knapping arrowheads to making beaker people pottery, as well as taking field trips to archaeological or historical sites to get a greater understanding of history and heritage. We also are trying to strengthen ties with local archaeological organisations with an aim to partake in hands-on experiences.

Aim: We want to help further knowledge of archaeology for any student with an interest of the field regardless of subject of study or past experience. As an experimental group we aim to promote creativity to answer archaeological questions. Sessions are relaxed, enjoyable, and accessible however we expect a drive from our members to be curious and open about learning.



-Exploring the recreation of artefacts with a mindfulness to historical practice

-Strengthening community ties with local organizations such as the Grosvenor museum, Clwydian Range Archaeological group, city archives etc.

-Spreading knowledge and initiating discussions about archaeological finds and practices

-Welcoming people of different backgrounds in order to enrich the society experiences



 We plan on meeting up once a week with optional social outings in between. Depending on the amount of new members and their schedules we will set a time and date that is convenient to all. In our meetings we plan on working on planned projects throughout the year. Work could include brainstorming, collecting materials, educational outings, the crafting process, documentation and research etc.


Online events:

We aim to have our theoretical sessions and fresher’s fair available remotely with the possibility of crafting remotely as well. Further events could include archaeology related quizzes, themed video calls with members as well as partners.


Why join:

Our society is not only aimed towards archaeology students, but anyone with a curiosity for history, heritage or creation. The experimental part of our society allows our members to think outside the box while creating something they can be proud of. The educational part of this society is aimed at connecting students with a wider archaeological setting to help fill the gap between the professional and academic parts of the field.


Previous experiences:

The society in the past has been a close-knit group of people with a strong interest for archaeology. However, this year we plan to broaden the society to appeal to more students and develop more projects. Past projects have included glass knapping, natural dyeing and cord making. This year we plan on working with more fields of craft such as metalworking, textiles, woodworking etc. to not only add variety in the art we create, but also to explore more periods of history. We also plan on adding another dimension to the society i.e. working with local archaeological groups to provide experiences to complete the theoretical aspect of archaeology.




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