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Spring Elections 2020

Welcome to the Spring Elections 2020! There are 15 positions available including the Union's president, four Vice President roles, and the student council representatives.

15 posts are up for election.

Nominations are now closed.

The polls open at 08:00 on Monday 9 March 2020 (in 10 days)

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CSU is 100% democratic and student-led. Ensuring that your representatives are elected by you is central to our beliefs. There are two major election periods at CSU. In October, you will be choosing your delegates for the National Union of Students Conference, as well as the representatives for any roles which were unfilled in the previous Spring election. In March, you will elect your Full-time officers and the Student Council for the next Academic Year.

The next elections are your Spring 2020 Elections. Up for election will be your 5 full-time sabbatical officer positions, and 10 student council positions.


Spring Elections - Important Dates:

Nomination Period Mon 27th Jan 8am - Fri 21st Feb 2020 12noon
Compulsory Elections Briefings Fri 21st Feb 2020 1pm & 5pm
Campaigns Academy Wed 26th Feb 2020
Campaigning Begins Wed 26th Feb 2020 5pm
Candidate profile deadline Friday 28th Feb 2020 9am
Voting Opens Online Monday 9th March 2020 8am
Quiz Your Activities & Education VP Candidates Monday 9th March 7pm
Quiz Your Warrington VP Candidates Monday 9th March 7pm
Quiz Your Shrewsbury VP Candidates Monday 9th March 7pm
Quiz Your President Candidates Tuesday 10th March 7pm
Voting Closes Online Thursday 12th March 2020 1pm
Results Announced

Thursday 12th March 2020 7pm



VP/President-elects invited to Development Day and Trustee Board

Tuesday 7th April 2020

Monday 11th May 2020

VP/President-elect Induction training Wednesday 24th - Tuesday 30th June 2020

You can find role descriptions for all our positions below. We've also included the rules that must be followed by students during an election and some common FAQs.
If you know someone who would make a good rep, let us know! We'll contact them on your behalf.

For those who are elected to full-time officer roles your induction training begins on Wednesday 24th June until Tuesday 30th June 9am - 5pm. We ask you to keep this time free for this training.



Meet your Candidates


Your President Candidates are:

  • Peter Davies
  • Eleanor Lewis
  • Maxie Malcolm
  • Dave Omole

Your VP Education Candidates are:

  • Melanie Greenwood
  • Jack Rankin
  • Yasmin Ruane
  • Franceska Shollo

Your VP Activities Candidates are:

  • Daniel Forrester
  • Tasha Moar
  • Macaulay Short
  • Mark Stafford

Your VP Warrington Candidates are:

  • Thomas Bond
  • Sam Derbyshire

Your VP Shrewsbury Candidates are:

  • Shannon Johnson
  • Adam Kerr

Your BAME Students Rep Candidate is:

  • Arfana Ali

Your Commuting Student Rep Candidate is:

  • Aimee Moody

Your International Students Rep Candidates are:

  • Atharva Kelkar
  • Riley Sierra Moeller

Your Invisible Disabilities Rep Candidates are:

  • Kieran Boulton
  • Holly Done
  • Molly Gilronan

Your LGBTQ+ Rep Candidate is:

  • Amethyst Elson

Your Mature Students Rep Candidates are:

  • Jonathon Murphy
  • Lorna Sowry

Your Open Seat Candidates are:

  • Kate Roberts
  • Jack Sanderson

Your Postgraduate Rep Candidate is:

  • Dale Tromans

Your Womens Rep Candidates are:

  • Mishaal Amin
  • Caitlin Haythorne