Elections Rules

The full Election & Referenda bye-law which sets out the rules around being a candidate in CSU elections can be read here. An excerpt is included for information on this page relating to campaigning.



    • Campaigning begins on the date specified by the Returning Officer, and only once the relevant members have been briefed on campaign rules as outlined in 5.3
    • Campaigners are accountable for their supporters actions and must take reasonable steps to ensure that their supporter’s actions comply with the campaign rules at all times and must be able to demonstrate this in the event of a complaint against them
    • Candidates may only alter, move or remove their own campaign materials
    • Campaigners may only use mailing lists where lawful to do so taking into account relevant legislation. In most cases this will require the consent of the members on the list to use their details for campaigning purposes
    • Campaigners must not prevent free and easy access to and within Students’ Union and University premises during campaigning
    • Campaigners may hand out promotional material to prospective voters with a maximum value of 50 pence per individual. This is to ensure there is no suggestion impropriety in obtaining votes.
    • The Returning Officer shall set a maximum campaign budget for each candidate prior to the opening of nominations. Candidates must not exceed the budget limit.
    • Candidates must submit a campaign spending return within one hour of the close of voting detailing all expenditure and providing evidence
    • Failure to provide details of campaign expenditure will result in action against the candidate from the Returning Officer
    • The Union will only reimburse candidates for any pre-agreed elections expenditure on receipt of a campaign spending return and relevant evidence submitted prior to the close of voting
    • Any items provided by the Union to candidates at no cost, or that are generally freely available to all candidates shall not be counted in any expenditure and be deemed as ‘free’
    • Items or services received by candidates through personal relationships that would normally incur a cost and that would not be available to all other candidates must be accounted for, in consultation with the Returning Officer
    • Any breach of any University, building, or local authority rules or regulations committed in the course of campaigning shall also be deemed as a breach of election regulations and may result in action by the Returning Officer in addition to any action from relevant authorities
    • All candidates shall be deemed responsible for the actions of those campaigning on their behalf, where they can be considered to have had a reasonable ability to control the actions of said individuals
  • Candidates or their campaigners may provide members with a voting platform (where online voting is being used), but must not intimidate or force a member to vote for them, ensuring their vote is secret. 


If you believe a rule has been broken then you will need to follow the following steps by emailing csuelections@chester.ac.uk with:


    1.The name of the complainant
    2.Any affiliation the complainant has to any campaign in the election taking place
    3.Against whom the complaint is being made
    4.The election regulation that has been breached
    5.Any evidence relating to the alleged breach
    6.A suggestion as to the action that the complainant believes the Returning Officer should take

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