Other key initiatives



One of my key initiatives this year is carrying out a democracy review; looking at our democratic structures, governance and the ways in which we represent students across all of the University of Chester.



Other key initiatives and campaigns I am planning on are a review of the PAT system, specifically looking at their role, remits and what training/support they receive to ensure everyone is given the best academic support possible during their time at Chester.



We, as a Union and a University, have a big mission to rejuvenate the communities and campus feel which makes Chester such an attractive offer. We are developing networks to support underrepresented communities across UoC starting with BAME and Post-graduate networks.

  • Putting Liberation Equality Diversity and Inclusion at the top 


  • Ensuring the University continues to carry out the recommendations within the decolonising curriculum action plan


  • Actively increasing awareness of support services across UoC


  • Creating a lively and Visible SU presence across satellite sites


And so much more


To check out my full manifesto head over to my social media pages:

Jack Alexander Rankin – Facebook

Jackrankinpres – Instagram

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