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Outside the Box



Is your degree enough?

In August 2019, Chloe, Cheryl and Franceska founded Outside the box. A business skills and self development society which focuses on providing experiences, facilitating experimentation and enhancing the skillbase of our members by exposing them (and us!) to new digital platforms, business skills and business events.

Realising that the opportunities provided by our university courses do not always involve all of the practical skills desired by employers, we wanted to address this directly by setting up a business society that will put our members at the forefront of raw business.

Focusing on practical skills more than theoretical skills, we aim to provide projects and activities that our members can engage with, that provide the soft skills and hard skills that employers are looking for, putting our members at a competitive advantage when they move forward in the future.

We collaborate fully with the current University of Chester services, such as The Venture Program, Wellness and Study Skills, to ensure that there are as few overlaps as possible within our events or activities and ensuring that we are able to signpost to the appropriate areas where necessary to allow our members a cohesive and full university experience.

At present there are no external visits for students wishing to experience business conferences or events, and we aim to change this, by building awareness and alerting our members when local events and conferences will be taking place and attending them as a society where possible, to expose our members to different experiences prior to finishing university so that they are able to feel comfortable and confident in those surroundings in the future.




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