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Sports and Societies Fair

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, all of our sports and societies set up their stalls on Thursday ready for the Sports and Societies Fair of 2017. They welcomed freshers and current students with such a variety of activities that there was something for everyone.
From Disney to Debating, Yoga to Rugby, the university really showed its uniqueness and diversity within societies that all students can get involved in alongside their courses.
With a promise of a free slice of pizza at the end (courtesy of Dominos) and the upbeat atmosphere with a good choice of music, our freshers patiently waited in line to get into our Sports Hall and then weaved their way through the stalls to see what the university had to offer. Our SABBs wandered around too, to talk to the students and oversee the fair, showing a true togetherness of our university.
Most societies had their committee members present which gave an opportunity for students to meet Presidents and Captains who offered to answer any queries about the activity. Many were wearing their uniforms or kits and brought along basketballs, fencing swords, helmets and instruments so they could stand out (we even had a pony just outside the hall!) and hopefully inspire some students into joining them. All abilities were welcomed too, so even if you are someone who would dread joining a team when you have no experience or skills in that area, you didn’t need to worry as our societies like to take on board anyone who is interested in starting something new.
Even if you went to the fair and didn’t get chance to sign up for everything you wished to, many of the sports and societies have handed out leaflets or have posters up around the campus with contact details. Or even social media pages with all of their information!
With over 120 sports and societies I’d certainly recommend trying out anything you are interested in because it is a great way to take a break from your studying and come out of your shell in trying something different at university.
If you missed any of the societies at the fair or want any more information we also have a page of our Students’ Union website where you can get more information about any of our societies.