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Fresher’s Week At Chester Kicks off with a BANG!!

As nerves kick in and anxiety rises, the Fresher’s experience soon comes to place as friends are made. 
The first night for me involved my first ever go at Beer pong as well as an intense but exciting game of Cards Against Humanity made all the more fun with alcohol included.  The Second night it was clubbing time for the first time in Chester at Rosie’s for the UV party jam-packed with a number of students.
Tuesday night was foam party time as well as a game of ring of fire just before hand. The Students union’ foam party for me was a new experience of which I had the pleasure to enjoy. However as the night went on and tiredness overcame me, by about midnight it was the end for me and a couple of friends.
By the time it got to Wednesday, Netflix and my bed were calling for me as tiredness overtook me and dragged me in for the night after a pretty overwhelming but exciting first few days. In my opinion I have thoroughly enjoyed myself so far despite the big step in Uni and challenging myself over the next few years to become the best person I can be of which will be my main goal after my three years at Chester.
Thursday evening it was time go to the pub to have a girly chat and buy a drink which came in handy.  It turned out to be a lovely and enjoyable evening with the girls as well as a touch of cider to make it even better. By the time it got to Friday a free hot dog, a trip to students union and a night of clubbing at Rosie’s was on the agenda however our plan and dreams of hoping to see and meet Matt Willis failed. 
Having met a lovely group of people in Grosvenor House and made the most out of a week that I’ll never forget I overcame my anxiety and successfully enjoyed the whole week of which I am excited for the rest of the year.