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My First Fresher's Week

Fresher’s week for me was a completely alien experience.
It was new, and I was new to it. It was the atmosphere; the weirdly comfortable moments that made a group of total strangers just get along with one another. Before coming to university I’d never really gone out that much and drunk before, not compared to some other people anyway, and I didn’t really know what to expect.
So I really threw myself into it; went out nearly every night that week with different groups, to different events. Safe to say, after the end of Freshers my wallet was hating me more than usual. The best nights were definitely those with RockSoc, and at the SU Friday I went to. Both those evenings were great for totally opposite reasons, yet they both stand out among other nights.
SU Friday was hectic, packed out, and loud beyond belief; yet it was a good laugh because of the environment I was dragged out to. Meanwhile RockSoc was exactly what I was looking for: a group of likeminded, easy to talk to students with a common goal of simply enjoying themselves.
I’d go back and do my first Freshers all over again if I could.