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5 Things Every New Student in Chester Needs To Know

Moving to a new city isn’t easy. It comes packed full of fresh faces, and unfamiliar street names; which is often a lot to take in all at once for many students. It’s often difficult know where to go, how to get there, and even where you go if you want to do something. Thankfully Chester is a thriving, albeit compact, city with everything any student could possibly want. This picturesque, walled, formerly Roman fort has loads of unique experiences for those willing to pay attention to everything going on around them. For new students though, you’ll only need these few things to really start to get to grips with your environment.

5 / Live theatre & cinema is on your doorstep:
Storyhouse Chester opened in early 2017, and has become a centre for community development in the city centre. The building not only houses an extensive library, but also acts as an 800 seat theatre, alongside a cinema upstairs that brings plays, films, and documentaries to hundreds of people a week. This wonderful establishment offers student prices on any of their screenings, and plays during, and off, term time, so if you’ve got any interest in drama, media, or literature, then you should really make it your home-from-home.

4 / There’s always somewhere open till late to shop from:
If you’ve just moved in, chances are you’ll have nothing in your fridge, and if you don’t fancy a pizza then you can always venture out into the city centre for a quick shop. During weekdays, both Tesco branches on Delamere, and Frodsham Street are open until 11PM for your convenience. Even if you can’t get to those shops for whatever reasons, then the Greyhound Industrial park has an ASDA which is 24 hour. It’s really quite handy to know when you’re in need of some properly home-cooked food.

3 / Music venues are easy to get to:
Although Chester is a stone’s throw away from both Liverpool, and Manchester, and their respective arenas, the city isn’t devoid of a musical scene. Live bands play most nights of the week, at a variety of great venues. Depending on what you’re into, the Live Rooms, and Alexanders Live will have something on their schedule that’s bound to catch your eye. But if that’s not your kind of music, then the Lock Keeper, George & Dragon, and Telford’s Warehouse all have a selection of rock to acoustic artists to choose from if you fancy a good night out.

2 / Don’t go out on Race Days:
The Chester Racecourse is one of the busiest in Britain. One certain days in a year, people from all over the country dress up in their Sunday best, and come out to drink from the early hours of the morning. This means on these days, you should not, under any circumstances, try to go out on a night out. The bars will be packed out, along with most other places in the city centre. Lines at the bar will be four, or more, people deep, with everyone trying to shout loudly over one another in a bid to be heard. It’s just simpler, and a thousand times easier to stay in on these nights. The sheer hassle of trying to enjoy yourself when surrounded by certain race-goers is just not worth it.

1 / Everywhere can be walked to in under twenty minutes:
People do often talk about Chester and its size, about how it’s too small. But this isn’t a bad thing at all, if anything it’s a practical bonus. Nearly everywhere from the centre of Chester can be walked to in twenty minutes or less, assuming you’re not dragging your heels. It means you get to learn all the shortcuts, and back alleys that make getting around much faster; much quicker. Not only that, but it’s one of the few places in the UK where you can go for a pub lunch next to a canal, then walk twenty minutes into the centre to go enjoy a film or something similar. It’s all so easy to get to.