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Jack Appleby - Your VP Warrington


VP Warrington – About me!


Hi, I’m Jack and I am a 22-year-old community policing and criminal investigations graduate. In my role as Vice President Warrington I will be representing University of Chester student’s and making sure their voices are heard. 


I really enjoyed my time as a student at Chester and was heavily involved with Union sports, campaigns and events throughout my three years of study. To date, my involvement with the students’ union has been club vice-captain and captain of the men’s rugby union team, founding member of mixed netball at Warrington and women’s rugby coach and Warrington. I’ve got to say I am most excited for getting out and meeting YOU and listening to the student voice.


I am really excited for the year ahead, along with the rest of the team. We have just recently finished our residential trip where we did team bonding skills and came together as a team. As a result of this we decided to come up with a joint manifesto where we would all drive forward together to excel for change, all our ideas are of a broad range. A massive part of our commitment was to get out to all campuses more so we can hear what YOU’VE got to say. Keep an eye out on this space for more news from YOUR one and only CSU Sabbatical Team!

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