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Cherelle Mitchell


Hey everyone!


This is my second term in post as your Students’ Union president, having previously studied Education with Drama Studies and graduated with a first class BA honours degree. I ran to be president because like most people, I wanted to make a difference for students during a challenging time within Higher Education. It is my job to represent students not only within Chester Students’ Union as the chair of the Trustee Board, but to ensure we seek to work together to inspire  in all of the campaigns, activities and opportunities we have on offer within CSU; but also as a governor for the University of Chester. This doesn’t come easily under the current government introducing the likes of TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) increasing our tuition fees, cutting grants, abolishing NHS bursaries and raising our living costs. Therefore, there is not a better time to have a passionate and motivated leader to ensure we fight in the best interest FOR students at the University of Chester.


On top of this, I was elected based upon my main manifesto ideas and consultations with students, primarily focusing on communication channels between all satellite campuses; this involves our NEW media team boosting their skills online and capturing the great activity we do on all campus. Employability enhancement through the volunteering opportunities, closer relationships with businesses and ASK opportunities to share good practice and stronger networks. Health and Wellbeing is one of my main focuses and I will continue to work with the Uni to ensure there are effective services and active opportunities for students. 


To the right you'll notice some coloured blocks - these are my manifesto aims. You will notice over the next few months they'll change colour from Red (to be looked at), to Yellow (currently working on) and finally to Green (completed). Click on any of these manifesto aims to read more about them, the latest update and also the result.

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