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Sophie Bell


Hi guys! 


I’m Sophie, your newly elected Vice President Education! I studied Law here at Chester and decided I wanted to be involved further in the student experience so ran for a position with the Students’ Union!

As VP Education, my main focus for the year is ensuring that your academic experience is as good as it possibly can be by enabling you to bring about positive change within your departments through our Academic Representation system. I also sit on a number of committees within the university where I am able to represent you as students and make your voices heard at a senior level to combat any academic issues you are facing! You’ll also hear lots from me later on in the year regarding our annual Above and Beyond Awards where we celebrate the success of academic and non-academic staff and you as students, to thank you for your hard work throughout the year!


To the right you'll notice some coloured blocks - these are my manifesto aims. You will notice over the next few months they'll change colour from Red (to be looked at), to Yellow (currently working on) and finally to Green (completed). Click on any of these manifesto aims to read more about them, the latest update and also the result.

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