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Jack McGovern


Hi everyone, I am your new Vice President for Activities and it’s my job to get you as active as possible, whether this is by encouraging you to join one of our many Sports or Societies or by helping us become greener and being a volunteer. Getting involved in sports, societies and other activities gave me the best University experience I could ask for and I want you to experience exactly the same.
Keep an eye out for campaigns over the year, I’m specifically focusing on helping students to stop smoking and keeping Wednesday afternoons free for extra-curricular activities. I will also be writing weekly blogs on everything I’m working on and what I have achieved during the week.
Please stop and talk to me if you see me around, message me on social media or email me directly as I am here for YOU!! #McLoveNotWar
To the right you'll notice some coloured blocks - these are my manifesto aims. You will notice over the next few months they'll change colour from Red (to be looked at), to Yellow (currently working on) and finally to Green (completed). Click on any of these manifesto aims to read more about them, the latest update and also the result.

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