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Your Officers

CSU is run by students for students. Five annually elected Student Officers oversee the running of the organisation on behalf of the student body.

This year we have decided to work on a joint manifesto together rather than pursue our own projects. We spent our time at our residential training working out our top priorities for the year. There are 5 Gold Targets representing our top priorities, 5 Silver Targets for our middle priorities and 11 Bronze Targets. You can find them outlined below and through the year we will update you on progress.

We will be out and about at a campus near you, one of our key targets, to listen and represent your views. If you see us grab us for a chat… make your voice heard. You can also drop into CSU on the Parkgate or Warrington campus to come and speak to us.

These are our Gold Targets

Dear Vice Chancellor

Empower YOU to give your feedback to the Vice-Chancellor

Careers Fest

Increase the diversity of the stalls at Careers Fest to provide more opportunities for you.

Activities For All

Campaign for more physical activity and wellbeing activities for all University of Chester students, as well as encouraging the University to organise more recreational sports to keep students active.

Mental Health Support

Support the prevention of mental ill-health by conducting a student survey and lobbying for free fruit and more water fountains across campus.

Inter-Campus Connections

A scheme designed to increase engagement between all campuses, further strengthening the bonds across the University network.


These are our Silver Targets

Student Space

Increase the effectiveness of our dedicated student space, so you feel comfortable at all times.

Mental Health Training Provision

Increase opportunities for mental health first aid training for students and staff within the University of Chester.

Student Opportunities

Provide you with and encourage you to take on opportunities to increase skills for the future.

Inclusivity Increase

Ensure that the University of Chester is actively inclusive for all staff and students, through events, sports, societies and all other activities.

Turnitin System Improvements

Work with the University to make improvements to the Turnitin system to make it more user-friendly and to help you avoid issues due to the system.


These are our Bronze Targets

Graduation Assistance Fund

We wish to set up a fund that graduates can apply to in order to get help with the costs of graduation.

Focus Society

Ensure a focus on societies and make them known to the entire student body.

Integration of Ecosia

Encourage the University to add the Ecosia search engine to all University computers in order to promote sustainability and environmental preservation.

Allergen Free / Vegan Food Options

We will campaign for the University to provide more allergen-free and vegan-friendly food options in all food outlets across every campus to make eating on campus possible for all.

Inter-Campus Competitions

Arrange regular competitions for students across all campuses to get involved in and compete against students they may not have previously met.

24/7 Book Access

Lobby the University to provide 24/7 book access alongside the PCs so students are never restricted to online material only.

Contactless Vending Machines

Work with the University to place contactless vending machines across all campuses.

In-App Bookable Study Rooms

We will work with LIS to make it possible to book study rooms in the library through the University of Chester app.

Earlier Assessment Guidance

Lobby the University to provide assignment guidance earlier, so you have the best chance at achieving a high grade on every assessment.

PAT System Utilisation

Ensuring the PAT system is as effective as possible for all students, with regular PAT meetings, more in-depth support and knowing why a PAT is useful.

Accommodation Quality Standardisation

Campaign for the University to standardise the quality of all University-owned accommodation across each campus.