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Your Officers


CSU is run by students for students. Four annually elected Student Officers oversee the running of the organisation on behalf of the student body.

This year we have decided to work on a joint manifesto together rather than pursue our own projects. We spent our time at our residential training working out our top priorities for the year. There are 4 Gold Targets representing our top priorities, 4 Red Targets for our middle priorities and 7 outer targets. We got our inspiration from our archery session. You can find them outlined below and through the year we will update you on progress.

We will be out and about at a campus near you, one of our key targets, to listen and represent your views. If you see us grab us for a chat… make your voice heard. You can also drop into CSU on the Parkgate or Warrington campus to come and speak to us.

These are our Gold Targets

These are our Red Targets

These are our Blue Targets