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Life Time Membership

Any past student of the University of Chester can apply for life membership, regardless of the period of time they studied, or qualification achieved as long as they purchase a one off payment which is only £10.00. The life membership will entile you to join any sport or society affilated to the Union in a non-reperesential capacity and make use of our Shop and Bar.


How to register to be a Life Member?

1) Register you account at https://www.chestersu.com/account/register/. Don't forget to check your Junk to approve your registration.

2) Purchase the Life Membership Product below when signed in.

3) The Life Membership will be approved over the next 1-3 working days.

4) You will receive an email from Chester SU to confirm your Life Membership. 

5) Sign in on the website and purchase your Sport or Society membership or visit our Bar/Shop.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us.


This product is not on sale.