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Welcome Back! From VP Activities Daniel Forrester

What an AMAZING Freshers Month we’ve had!

Sun, smiles and laughter - what more could you ask for when you’re moving to University during a pandemic?

Big shout out goes to the Red T’s who helped out during Move In Week and other events through the welcome period. We went from having 0 volunteers to 99 within 48 hours - you left the Students’ Union and University in awe at how much you wanted to help out the new students moving into what is, for them, a strange new world.

The outdoor cinemas and other activities run during Welcome Week and beyond were a huge hit, with some having waiting lists of over 50 and selling out in 90 minutes. Thanks for being so enthusiastic about activities – thanks to your participation, we’re able to host more of these in the coming weeks with the support of the University. Keep checking www.chestersu.com/events for more info!

Even though it is a very strange time in the world, both we at the Union and our colleagues at the University have been amazed by how well people have adapted to the new rules, while still maintaining a sense of community on campus. We hope that things can eventually get back to how they were, and we can have more in person activities in the future. This can only happen if we work together and beat this horrible virus. So please keep washing your hands, wearing your masks and social distancing.

Remember Hands, Face and Space.

Back for Another Year!

Union On Tour


We’d love to know how your first term has been going!

Has blended learning worked for you? Have our events helped you feel part of the CSU community? Usually we’d love to see you all in person but this September we’re taking the tour online!

Our officers are ‘visiting’ each Faculty between the 28th September – 2nd October. Join them via Teams to chat about your experience so far. Click here for a full list of where they'll be and when!

If you can’t make it, drop us some feedback here.

For All Your CSU Needs: www.chestersu.com

Join Societies! Get Advice! Book Events! Get the Latest News!

A Look Back at Welcome Week!

Education & Committees

It has been a whirlwind start to the year! During the first few weeks of September, VP Education Jack Rankin attended and put the student voice forward at several University committees: Student Experience Committee, Research Knowledge and Transfer Committee, Academic Quality and Enhancement Committee, as well as at University Senate. He also held a Q&A with the Vice-Chancellor to discuss blended learning, returning to campus and the student experience. You can watch that video here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CEUcInrlFxB/

There’s lots more to look forward to as we progress through September and into October. Students will begin lectures, whether that be synchronous, asynchronous, or face-to-face. We would love to hear feedback on what your experience has been like so far so we can work with the University to share any positive best practice, or, if needs be, resolve any problems ASAP. Academic representation is a vital part of ensuring your academic experience is the best it can be.

Recruitment for Course Reps will happen in lectures over the first few weeks of term. Department Rep elections will also take place during October; these will be held online at the same CSU by-elections.

If you’re interested in becoming a SER, check out this page on our website.

Good Changes at Warrington & Shrewsbury

Warrington has seen a change in Manchester Hall’s building, with the old furniture being replaced with more up-to-date furnishings, bringing it up to the same standard as White Hall and Regent Hall. Freshers have settled down well into their new accommodation and VP Warrington Sam has been out and about asking them how they’re doing and how they’re settling into their new homes.

Marquees have been put up outside the Cafeteria, the Chaplaincy and Bar Twenty10 for extra seating for students to enjoy. Warrington has a lot of exciting stuff coming up in October - be sure to keep an eye out!

Down at Shrewsbury, September has been extra busy! We’ve been working flat out to give you all the best Freshers Week possible and to give you the experience you all deserve.

VP Shrewsbury Adam has been busy with all things Freshers & Black History Month and working hard to give you a great student experience.

Working closely with your SU President Eleanor, we have stacked October with a virtual Black History Month to represent our Black student community the best way possible and celebrate their culture proudly.

We’ve also been working on negotiating deals with businesses across Shrewsbury town to give students ownership of the town they call home; with discounts, study spaces and more. Stay tuned!

Dates for Your Diary

  • Black History Month - All throughout October, check out chestersu.com for more info
  • Student Race Challenge Group - Next Meeting: 29th October 2020 @ 11AM. Email Eleanor for more info.
  • Department Rep Elections & Student Council By-Elections - Nominations: 5th-16th October 2020. Voting Open: 26th-28th October 2020. 

A Blast From the Past!

Big Ideas Is Back!


Do you want to change something on campus? We can help!

Submit a Big Idea on our website telling us about the issue, how it affects your student experience and what we can do to fix it.

Once we set it live on the website all students have 30 days to vote on an idea. An idea with 25 votes (13 of those in favour) will be brought to the next Student Council meeting to see how we can turn your suggestion into a reality!

Submit your Big Idea by the 31st October to be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon Voucher, £30 Deliveroo voucher or £20 bar voucher (Chester & Warrington campus bars or Hole in the Wall Shrewsbury).

Need Advice or Assistance?

The CSU Advice Service offers free, confidential, impartial advice on a whole range of problems you might face while at University. We can help with Hate Crime Reporting and House hunting, and advise on Academic issues such as Academic integrity, Mitigating Circumstances, or Appealing results and outcomes.


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