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October has been HUGE at CSU! - From VP Activities Daniel Forrester

The past few months have been very difficult for everyone, and also very different within both our University and the norms of how a university operates. Even though it is very frustrating for Societies because of the Covid regulations and push backs we have all faced, you have all been very understanding. We had plans in place for Societies to get back up and running…then the Government decided to take a step back and say no more than 6 people and no more than 2 households are allowed to meet up.

When this news was announced it felt as if we were back to square one. It felt like we were going backwards, not forwards towards developing Societies and getting back to day-to-day life. However, Societies have organised lots of amazing virtual events – some have even managed to arrange some meetups outdoors!

Since the last update, we’ve established, and had the votes cast for, the new Society Development Committee - well done to all candidates. I know the nervous feeling of running for a post all too well! Congratulations to those who were voted in.

Along with organising the new Committee we have also had Black History Month events, which went down amazingly well and coming up we have Movember events running all through November – more about those below.

Speak to you next month. And remember - hands, face, space!


We're Doing It Again!

Union On Tour


Another set of chances to tell CSU how your first term is going!

Join the Elected Officers to find out how CSU can help you and what events and activities we've got planned for development week.

Don't forget to fill out our Student Lifestyle Survey for a chance to be entered into our prize draw (we're giving away over £500 in rewards!)


Drop in on the Teams calls below to have a chat!


Thursday 29th October
Click here to join the Teams meeting
3.30-4.30pm: Click here to join the Teams meeting

Friday 30th October
Click here to join the Teams meeting

A Special Message from the Department for Education

Are you passionate about inspiring others and helping to shape future generations? Then teaching is the career path for you. Every day is a reward that is always worth the challenge.

Let your interests spark your students’ pursuits, and pass on valuable skills that will kickstart their journey. Encourage young minds to realise their potential and give them a head start with their passions. Take your chance to enrich classrooms with your enthusiasm, influence their stories and make a difference.

Helping to shape the youth of today will help to shape the future, as well as creating positive and memorable experiences for years to come. There’s a reason we never forget the teachers that guided us.

Turn your passion into a career. Teach.

For more information, check out the Get Into Teaching website:


SASS (Sex and Staying Safe) Week, beginning on the 16th November is an advice campaign run by the Students' Union with the intent to educate our students and provide a safe space for a healthy discussion surrounding safe sex, consent and healthy relationships, with special consideration for the LGBT+ community.

Throughout this campaign, we will be open about what healthy relationships and consent actually entail, with the Elected Officers releasing videos discussing this topic. Furthermore, we will be discussing sexual health, the importance of using protection and getting tested regularly. This is an informative yet exciting campaign, with quizzes, interactive posts and sign posting to any support services people need.

Keep your eyes on our social media from Monday 16th November for more info and activities!

Education Update

The last month has been busy for your VP Education Jack Rankin. Students began lectures, some for the first time and all in a very unfamiliar environment. From the outset, Jack felt it was important to get students' views on their academic experience and that is exactly what he did. Jack gathered feedback from across faculties, departments, and campuses and then collated this information, creating a report which has been shared at the University Deans’ Group, Student Experience Committee and to members of the University Senior Executive Team.


Jack also met with University figures to discuss Personal Academic Tutors, classification regulations and academic experiences. He has worked alongside CSU’s Academic Representation Coordinator Chloe and Democracy and Insight Coordinator Susie to facilitate the first online Course and Department Rep elections. This has been a great success so far, with over 200 Course Reps recruited and over 50 students having nominated themselves to be Department Reps. It’s been great to see students wanting to put their own and their peers’ voices forward in such difficult times.


Training for Course and Department reps will take place during November and will be entirely online. Jack and Chloe have also already begun discussions around our annual 1839 Awards, which celebrate staff who have gone above and beyond to give students the best experience possible.


Student Council & Warrington Roundup

Our first Student Council meeting saw the first Big Ideas passed and made policy. The first was to create and run a Disability Campaign and the second was to create a Lecture Capture Policy, that would see all lectures recorded. These were ideas submitted by YOU, and passed by YOUR Student Council. This is the impact your voice has in shaping our policy and priorities. To submit a Big Idea click here. Don’t have an idea? You can vote on others too!

 VP Warrington Sam has had a really busy month! There has been a wide variety of activities to which he and Interim Head of Advice and Representation Sam Stewart have organised. This included a Find the VP Scavenger Hunt, Mocktail Making, Card Trick Lessons and more!

The 27th October also saw Lantern Making take place in one of the marquees, along with Pumpkin Carving on the 28th!

For November, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for regular updates on events that will be taking place, including the start of Satellite Campus Wars! Sam and Shrewsbury VP Adam will go head to head starting in from 2nd November with exciting challenges weekly! Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our Movember campaign.

Dates for Your Diary

  • Movember - All throughout November, check out chestersu.com for more info
  • Student Race Challenge Group - Next Meeting: 29th November 2020 @ 11AM. Email Eleanor for more info.
  • SASS Week - Starts 16th November
  • We're adding and updating new events all the time. Head to chestersu.com/events for more info.

Need Advice or Assistance?

Here to Help

The CSU Advice Service offers free, confidential, impartial advice on a whole range of problems you might face while at University. We can help with Hate Crime Reporting and House hunting, and advise on Academic issues such as Academic Integrity, Mitigating Circumstances, or Appealing results and outcomes.

We’ve just launched a brand new Live Chat Service on our website - this is available from 2-3pm every weekday. Simply head to www.chestersu.comand click on the Facebook Messenger logo in the bottom right corner, or send us a message via our Facebook page.

You can find out more about us at chestersu.com/advice


Think Before You Ink

October saw the launch of the Think Before You Ink campaign, where we encourage you to make sure you’ve considered all of your options before you sign your name on a housing contract for next year. This year it is more important than ever to Think Before You Ink, when you may be doing virtual tours of properties or spending less time with your future housemates. Keep an eye out on social media for top tips on house hunting, and what to look out for in a contract. We also have a handy house hunting article here: https://www.chestersu.com/articles/housing-top-tips-thinkbeforeyouink


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