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Lockdown 2.0 – What’s it like to be an Activities Officer during a time of limited activity?! - A Message from VP Activities Daniel Forrester

Some students may wonder what I’ve been up to since there is limited in-person activity during Lockdown 2. Myself and the Officer Team have been working hard in the Students’ Union offices and we have even been likened to elves in Santa’s workshop! 

The feedback we’re receiving from students is that virtual events can feel monotonous, so we’re really trying to create and deliver original virtual events to keep students occupied, entertained and still connected in the University community. Please send me a message on Facebook or Instagram if you have any ideas! 

Welcome Back Week planning is well underway to start 2021 in the best way possible! We’re currently planning for a blended approach and will continuously review and monitor the latest COVID-19 restrictions and guidance to see what we can safely offer to students in January. We want you to feel assured we’re working closely with the University to devise a plan which is enjoyable, engaging and most importantly: COVID secure.

Outside of events planning, I have been out on campus to speak to some students and societies (all socially distanced, of course) and it has been great to see such determination and optimism during bleaker times. It's been refreshing to see so many of you not allowing any barriers to put a halt to your educational experiences!

Keep up the good work!


And remember - hands, face, space!


We're Doing It Again!

Union On Tour


Another set of chances to tell CSU how your first term is going!

Join the Elected Officers to find out how CSU can help you and give us feedback on your student experience.

We particularly want to hear if you feel you're currently getting VALUE FOR MONEY for your tuition fees, so if you want to share your thoughts this would be a great time to do it. 

Drop in on the Teams calls below to have a chat!


Monday 30th November
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Wednesday 2nd November
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The Vice Chancellor has sent out a handful of very important emails in the past couple of weeks regarding the end of term and the Student Travel Window.

If you haven't heard - students travelling home for Christmas must do so between 3rd and 9th December. To help facilitate this, in-person teaching will now end next Friday 4th December, giving you plenty of time to get home during this window. You should not travel if you have coronavirus symptoms - instead, self-isolate and book a test by visiting http://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test/ or calling NHS 119. If you book a test, get results or have symptoms, let the Uni know by emailing covidstudent@chester.ac.ukas soon as possible.

For the most up-to-date information & recommendations, please make sure you read Professor Simmons's emails & visit https://portal1.chester.ac.uk/coronavirus/Pages/default.aspx for updates on University & Government policy.

New Term Dates
4th December:
In-person Teaching Ends
4th-11th December: Online Teaching Only
11th-18th December: Digital Skills Week
End of Day 18th December: Christmas Break Begins

November Update from VP Education Jack Rankin

This month as Vice President of Education has been an exceptionally fulfilling one, to say the least. Our Academic Representation team asked all programmes to elect their Course Reps, in line with our new structure, by the end of October and so we have so far had over 300 Course Reps elected. We also facilitated the first ever online election for Department Reps, with 30/40 elected. These students are going to be pivotal in ensuring the student's voice is heard at Staff Student Liaison Meetings. We have also carried our first round of training, which over 160 Reps have attended, allowing us to explore their roles and responsibilities.

I have launched phase one my PAT Campaign, with the support of Access and Participation Team, focusing on getting students to reach out to Personal Academic Tutors for support, especially during this second national lockdown.

I have continued to look into the Chester Blend provisions, meeting with the Director of LIS and the interim Pro-Vice Chancellor for Student Experience, where we have uncovered inconsistencies in its application. This has now led to the Vice Chancellor requesting all departments to look into their approach and increase provisions where it is not conforming to the 25% policy. This is a big win for us as a Union and for the student population of Chester.

Something which I am immensely proud of is the University of Chester's 2020/21 Virtual Careers Fair, which took place on the 24th & 25th of November. Thanks to those of you who booked on to attend the 2-day festival of activities such as careers workshop, CV sessions as well as special panel discussions from our liberation reps.

I continue to attend Faculty Management Group meetings, as well as institutional committees. As we progress into December, I am carrying out a quinquennial review of the International Centre to ensure it is providing the best experience for students.

Shrewsbury & Warrington Roundup

VP Shrewsbury Adam writes: The highlight of this month for Shrewsbury was undoubtedly our first ever Shrewsbury Student Experience Committee! This was the first time Shrewsbury Students have had the chance to have a direct input to the Head of Centre, the SU and Student Futures surrounding how their academic experience is going and what could make it better. The feedback received was amazing and so many exciting things will be coming from this meeting! Stay tuned!

VP Warrington Sam writes: This month at Warrington Campus has been busy as always! Mine and Daniel’s Movember campaign throughout the month of November has been very successful, with in person activities still taking place when they were able to amid restrictions. Chalk Wall was very engaging with students at Warrington Campus as they came along and wrote their thoughts on the wall. All of the messages that were written on the chalk wall from students were positive, encouraging other students to feel motivated when they walked past and read the messages.

The marquees, especially the cafeteria marquee have been used a lot more. Students have utilised the space well, whether we have an activity in there or not.

For December, all I can say is… Christmas is among us! We look forward to spreading the Christmas joy across Warrington Campus, even under the circumstances. That will not stop us getting into the festive spirit!

Wellbeing Packs

We know how difficult this first term has been for many of you, so President Eleanor Lewis wanted to give students across all sites a well-deserved boost.

She has prepared over 1000 Wellbeing Packs, which include self-care information, wellbeing support services in the local community and some mindful freebies to hopefully make you smile and remember that you are enough!

Packs are available to pick up now from Binks Infopoint (Parkgate Road), Martin Building (Warrington), SU Lounge (Shrewsbury), Reception (Kingsway, Riverside & QP) and the Common Area (Marriss House).

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Dates for Your Diary

  • Union on Tour: Monday 30th November @ 5pm/Wednesday 2nd November @ 5PM
  • Student Travel Window: 3rd-9th December
  • End of Term: Friday 18th December

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