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Do you want to lead change for students and help develop impactful campaigns? If you are passionate about representing students from liberation groups and the wider student demographic, nominate yourself for a position on the student council in the upcoming by-election!

Nominate yourself via the website (https://www.chestersu.com/nominate - requires sign-in) from Thursday 1st April - all you need to do is tell us why you want to be involved and what you can bring to the role We’re looking for volunteers for the following positions:

  • LGBTQ+ Rep
  • BAME Rep
  • Commuting Students Rep
  • Open seat Rep Women’s
  • Rep International Rep
  • Visible Disabilities Rep

For more information get in touch at csuelections@chester.ac.uk. Nominations close at 9am on Wednesday 14th April & polls open at 9am on Monday 19th April.

The reins are being loosened?

As the restrictions are now being loosened and gradually lifted, the normal day to day life that we may have all forgotten about maybe making a slow return… let’s hope it stays that way! With that being said, over the past month lots has been happening in the Student Opportunities department, with elections, AGM’s and induction meetings in preparation for the new student intake in September. 

Elections did not go as planned for some people however, a big well done for seeing it through and seeing the end. You ALL should be proud of yourselves for the amazing campaigning you all did during these turbulent times and smashing YOUR campaign period. A big congratulations to Jack Rankin and Sam Derbyshire for being re-elected, but also to Gabby Abbas for winning at Shrewsbury and Lauren Friel taking over from Jack as VP Education. Obviously I can’t miss congratulating my successor to the Fun VP Job… Well done to Jordanne Farley-Moss for smashing her campaign and taking over from myself, you’re going to be amazing. Let’s just hope next year’s officer’s don't have the year from hell that all of this year’s officers have faced.

Societies - AGMs should still be happening and you should be pushing forwards with them to appoint the new 2021/22 society committees. Please do contact myself or amber with any questions you may have 

csuactivities@chester.ac.uk – Amber Young (Student Opportunites Coordinator)

suactivities@chester.ac.uk – Daniel Forrester

We are all in this together, and we will come out the other end stronger.

Our Annual General Meeting will take place on Teams at 4pm on Wednesday 21st April 2021.

This year's AGM is particularly important, because we're putting forward a new set of Articles of Association - the document that lays out how CSU's democracy is conducted and the business is run.

The major change is to reduce the number of members required for a quorum at AGM from 100 to 25, as a reflection of the changing times we find ourselves in as we transition to a post-pandemic world. Other changes include changing the document's language to be more inclusive of people of all genderschanging when and how votes can be taken for AGM and clarifying the ways in which Board of Trustees meetings can happen (in-person/remote/hybrid).

A full draft of this document will be available on ChesterSU.com/AGM from Thursday 1st April, along with the proposed Agenda and other associated documents.

Under the current rules, we need a quorum of 100 members to attend in order to ratify these changes. If you can come along, we'd really appreciate your support.

Amendments or additions to the Agenda can be submitted to csu@chester.ac.uk before Friday 9th April. The finalised Agenda will be published on Wednesday 14th April.

If you're unable to attend but would still like to vote on motions, we can help to organise a proxy vote on your behalf. Please email csu@chester.ac.uk for details in time for your proxy to be appointed by Thursday 15th April - so think a few days before this.

Just a quick update from me as I flit in and out of meetings with the University, trying to deliver on the last of my Manifesto Pledges before I leave office in June!

Business Planning

Following the success of the Value for Money report and your feedback on Value for Money, your student reps were invited to be on the panels for the University Business Planning meetings. This meant that students were part of all the initial conversations about how departments wish to move forward in terms of finances or ideas, meaning students have absolute transparency and input on where fees are spent. The University now moves into its next stages of Business Planning and we look forward to seeing student input threaded throughout.



This month we attended the University Senate committee. This is the highest operational committee at the  University where all top operational, academic decisions are finalised. It is chaired by the VC and its members include the Strategic Executive Team, the Deans and Directors across the University. CSU presented a small update of the overall activity of CSU and you as our members which helps strengthen the relationship between the University and the Union.

With lockdown restrictions starting to ease, we're so happy to share that in-person activity is starting to make a return to campus! We're running a handful of test events over the next few weeks to check their viability & we'd love for you to join us.

Some highlights for what's coming up in the next 14 days:

Chocolate Hunt - All Bank Holiday Weekend - Clues coming via our Instagramon Thursday and Friday

Origami Class @ Warrington Campus - Wednesday 7th April at 1.30pm

Arts & Crafts Workshop @ Exton Park Campus - Thursday 8th April at 3pm

Birchwood Shopping Trip (Warrington Campus) **TICKET REQUIRED** - Monday 12th April at 12.30pm

Chester City Tours (Exton Park Campus) **TICKET REQUIRED** - Monday 12th April at 3pm

SU Brew - Free Coffee, Cookie & A Walk (Exton Park Campus) **TICKET REQUIRED** - Wednesday 14th April at 3.30pm

This is alongside a programme of virtual events for those of you who still aren't on campus.

All in-person events will require proof of a negative lateral flow test, so please make sure yours is up to date before attending! 

For a full list, please check our website: www.chestersu.com/events

We have had an extremely busy month at CSU and me as VP Education. The most exciting part of my month was running in my second SU election, this time as SU President. It was amazing getting out and speaking to so many sports societies and I even managed to blag my way into a rowing Pilates session, thanks rowing! 

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be elected as your next President, so want to say thank you to everyone who got out and voted. I also, along with my fellow Officers and several members of Student Council, sat in Business Planning meetings for academic faculties and professional services. This was the first time this has happened in UoC history, so an amazing achievement to embed the student voice at the highest levels of the University.

I want to say a huge good luck to everyone who is submitting exams, assessment and dissertations at the moment, keep up the amazing work and you will get the results you deserve.

Hi all, VP Shrewsbury Adam here. I just wanted to touch base on the events over the last couple of weeks, surrounding the Bill that has recently passed its second reading in the Commons.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill drastically effects the conditions in which we can protest, and ultimately, can control and suffocate a protest at its source.

Protests would need permission in advance, a set start and end time, and a noise limit. Police are also given the power to apply these rules no matter the size of the demonstration, and are able to twist the vague language of the Bill to prevent people occupying public space, and stopping a protest by force, without a sufficient check on this power.

In essence, this Bill attempts to seize our right to protest, and give more power to an already abusive police force.

The authoritarian and purposely vague language used in this Bill is the same language that allowed Home Secretary Priti Patel to call Black Lives Matter protests unlawful. The same language that allowed officers to deem it appropriate to invade Sarah Everards vigil a couple of Saturdays ago.

Ultimately, over the last year, especially in the Summer of 2020 and this past fortnight, the Government has seen the power of the people, and now they aim to choke us into submission.

I have written an open letter to local MP’s regarding this Bill, and showing that as a Students Union we completely condemn these actions. I am hoping to link up with other SU’s nationwide to join this cause and stand to protect our freedoms.

If you would like to sign the letter, please email me (sushrewsbury@chester.ac.uk) with consent to add your signature.

Just a reminder that the Advice Centre is here to help if you need it.

We're dealing both with a high volume of queries and reduced capacity at the moment, so it may take us a little longer than usual to get to your query - but rest assured, we WILL get to you and get you the help you need.

You can contact an Advisor through our website at www.chestersu.com/advice/contact.

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