Our Constitution sets out the frameworks and guidelines for decision and policy making, elections, referenda and much more.

The Constitution is made up of 3 parts: the Articles of Association, the By-Laws and various Policies.

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The Articles of Association is the founding document that lays out:

  • What CSU is 
  • What CSU does 
  • How CSU is governed, by how many people and in what capacity
  • Who qualifies as a member
  • How to call referenda (student-body-wide votes on policies)
  • How General Meetings are called, and how they qualify as General Meetings
  • The powers and responsibilities of the Student Council, and,
  • How minutes and records should be taken, stored and communicated

It's a long but important document. You can read it in full here.

By-Laws represent permanent and ongoing guidance on how CSU should be run.

Unlike Policies, which are generally only adopted for 3 years, By-Laws are only minorly updated over time.

Policies explain how we should deal with day-to-day situations we might encounter while running CSU, outline our stance on a particular issue or affirm our commitment to a certain course of action.

Policies are valid for 3 years, after which they need to go before the Board of Trustees again to be updated and ratified. 

CSU Staffing Policies

Staffing Policies are policies that apply specifically to those employed by CSU, such as full and part-time staff, interns, volunteers and the Elected Officers. They don't apply to the general membership, but we've shared them here so you can see how we manage the people who work for us.

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