Chester Students' Union (CSU) is a democratic membership organisation and the home of... 



...all run by students, for students! We exist to improve the University experience for all University of Chester and University Centre Shrewsbury students.

We want to support and connect with you throughout your University life. CSU is your place to explore your style, express yourself and be heard. We have permanent presences at Parkgate Road, Warrington and Shrewsbury Campuses and regularly engage with students at all sites through our' Union on Tour' initiative.

Student Council

Each year, you elect a team of Officers to represent you and your peers. This team is made up of five full-time Elected Officers, 11 Part-Time Officers and Department Representatives from each academic department at the University. Together, they shape Chester Students' Union policy and opportunities and have a voice and a platform to make positive changes to student life. 

The Elected Officer team actively campaigns on issues that affect students and works with University management to ensure your voice is heard. Alongside this, you elect Student Experience Representatives (SERs), who act as your academic representatives. SERs listen to the feedback of their cohorts and pass it on to academic departments, helping to make them that little bit better.

How do I become a member of Chester Students' Union?

One common misconception is that you have to apply for membership. Here's the good news - you are automatically a member of the Union!

Do I have to pay to join student groups or Societies?

At CSU, we want to provide you as many opportunities as possible and make them accessible to all of our members. To this end, the majority of our student groups are free to join. Any that do charge a membership fee receive the funding directly in their group/society account so they can operate for the year and run events, purchase equipment or go on trips.

CSU is your Student Union, and we hope it can be a space that everyone can enjoy. We can always do better, and your feedback is the key to that development.

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Registered Office: Parkgate Road, Chester CH1 4BJ
Registered in England Company Number: 7623621
Registered Charity Number: 1149397

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