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Instead of Mental Health Awareness day/month, increase the awareness throughout the entire academic year. This can also apply to other campaigns.



Ensure that Warrington students have a high quality student experience regardless of which Warrington site they are at.



Increase the number of societies at Warrington Campus, primarily focussing on academic societies.



Communication with the university and students, ensuring students are in the loop at all times.

  • Instead of Mental Health Awareness Day/Month, make mental health awareness an ongoing priority throughout the academic year. This includes speaking with local mental health charities to create forums for students to attend.


  • Create a Time Management Scheme' helping you, as students, keep on top of your university work, career and social life.


  • Bring university life back to Warrington Campus post-Covid.


  • Ensure communication between the university and students is strong: students are "kept in the loop' at all times


  • Liaise with the catering team at the university to revamp the cafeteria menu.


  • Continue to support and develop the growth of societies at Warrington Campus, with the assistance of VP activities.


  • Work with the university hospitality department to improve Bar Twenty 10 for all students, including the organisation of fortnightly social events.


  • Work with the chaplaincy to ensure there are plenty of daily activities for students to take part in.


  • Increase the usage of the Warrington Campus marquees by hosting activities and social events within these when restrictions are lifted.


  • Liaise with the Athletics' Union and Students Union to create intramural activities at Warrington Campus.

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