Lauren - Manifesto Pledges




Review and where possible give students in person experiences missed during the pandemic



Working with liberation groups to ensure their curriculum reflects the diversity of students at the University of Chester



Ensuring the Union is representing all student voices, including postgrad students, on educational issues with high level engagement of SER representation

  • Repeat essential face-to-face sessions and labs in a non-assessed capacity that were cancelled by the pandemic


  • Expand Aspire scheme to cover all years of study, including postgrad study, and other essential course supplies


  • Continue supporting the voice of BAME students in decolonisation of the curriculum


  • Improve assessment feedback quality and deliver feedback within a 4-week window


  • Standardise all Turn-it-in submission times to 11:59pm on the day of submission


  • Make the recording of lectures compulsory for both in-person and online lectures


  • Work with SERs and Department Reps to build communication links and improve transparency between departments and their students


  • Schedule subject-specific career fairs for graduate jobs and internship networking opportunities


  • Address the digital divide highlighted by the pandemic by supplying and loaning laptops to students who require them


  • Provide mock exams and tutorial questions with solutions for all modules using these assessment styles


  • Allow students to submit assignments for a plagiarism check before the final assignment submission, including dissertations

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