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Chester Students’ Unions primary role is to make sure the ‘Student Voice’ is heard on all programmes across the University. Both CSU and the University of Chester are committed to building and maintaining a strong system of Student Representation in which YOU the students are at the heart of teaching and learning, campaigns, activities and the student experience.


Why be a StAR?

  • STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD –gain key employability skills in; leadership, organisation skills, communication and teamwork.
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE- You can make a positive change for current and future students not only on your course but across the institution
  • SOCIAL – make friends on your course and with other reps as well as the wider student body
  • BE IN THE KNOW – you will learn how the University and the Students’ Union work
  • WIN AWARDS – who will be the StAR of the year in next year’s AAB awards?
  • RUN CAMPAIGNS – if there is a burning issue on your course (academic or non-academic) we can help you set up and run campaigns to raise awareness and bring about change
  • GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR 9K FEES – being a StAR you really can make a difference, AND you get freebie so get involved

What do StARs do?

  • Seek the views of students on your course (academic and non-academic)
  • Attend meetings; firstly StAR training followed by 3+ Student-staff liaison committees in your department to share student feedback
  • Participate in CSU campaigns, events and meetings for student experience
  • Feedback your findings to those you represent and check in with the StARs team to let us know how you are getting on and any changes you’ve managed to make to your course!

How do I become a StAR?

Each academic year, StARs are democratically recruited in every module across all programmes of teaching at the University. This is so that student feedback can be gained across all levels. Each department has its own processes for electing their StAR, so please enquire within your department to find out how the election process will be run and when it will take place.
If you haven’t heard anything from your department in the first few weeks of your course starting about StARs, please contact the StARs team at star@chester.ac.uk
The StARs team will contact you with upcoming StARs training, course rep conferences and any information or events relevant to StARs.

End of Year Survey

As we approach the end of year, we are looking to collect feedback from our StARs and staff of the university. We would be most grateful if you could select the appropriate link and complete the short survey.
Please click here for the student survey.  
Please click here for the staff survey.