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StAR Rep

Hi all,

My name's Samuel and I am a 3rd year student studying Conservation Biology. I have been a StAR for just over two years. My hobbies include music, photography and reading. I am interested in saving the environment and wildlife - hence the choice of degree!

I applied for a seat on the Student Council because I enjoy being part of the process of feedback on student's issues and seeing a change (for the better) happening as a result. I felt that being a member of the Student Council would allow me to further help improve the student experience for others and help to represent 'the student voice'".


Job Description:

  • StAR recruitment currently under way
  • StARs to be informed of the up-to 5 positions at StAR training
  • StARs to be elected by other StARs and submitted to student council for approval

StARs representatives to begin attending meetings from mid-November