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Open Seat Rep

Hi! I'm Michael Jones. I study Level 6 History at the university, and I will be your Open Seat Representative this year. In this new role, I aim to champion your student experience, and bring a new focus onto the health and wellbeing of students. I want to make Chester: a place you can belong; a place you can believe in yourself; and a place where you become what you set out to be. #homefromhome "


Job Description:

  • Connect with and collect feedback from the students you represent, focusing on eliciting constructive feedback and solutions to problems.
  •   Deliver your findings to the group, discuss solutions and plan positive campaigns
  •   Attend Student Union Council meetings to represent the thoughts and opinions of students.
  •   Where appropriate ensure issues are placed on the Union Council agenda for discussion.
  • No ‘set’ remit – thoughts/ideas and campaign activity will have to be produced independently
  • May tie in to other representative roles if relevant