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Visible and Invisible Disabilities Rep

My name is Michael Williams, I am a First-Year English Language and History student, and I’m the Visible and Non-Visible Disabilities Representative. I am passionate about making your Chester story as great as possible, and I know that there are many students affected by disability whose voices need to be heard. My aims for this year are:

  • Activities - to create more spaces for all disabled students to meet, and to ensure that the sports groups and societies that already exist are accessible and inclusive
  • Young Carers - as a young carer myself, to provide support for all young carers at the University of Chester, somewhere they can hang out and talk with other YCs
  • Ease of Access - to ensure that the services and equipment the University of Chester provides are known, available, and reliable, and do not put any student at a disadvantage

I would really appreciate your feedback throughout the year, as it will help me to represent you to the best of my ability. You can find me on Facebook - search “Michael Williams Rep” - or email me at 1708117@chester.ac.uk


Job Description:

  • Connect with and collect feedback from the students you represent, focusing on eliciting constructive feedback and solutions to problems.
  • Deliver your findings to the group, discuss solutions and plan positive campaigns
  • Attend Student Union Council meetings to represent the thoughts and opinions of students who have visible and invisible disabilities.
  • Where appropriate ensure issues are placed on the Union Council agenda for discussion.
  • Societies