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Chair of Council

My name is Izzy Walker and I am the chair person this year of the Student Council. I am in my first year of the Primary Education Course on Riverside Campus, alongside being a Veterinary Nursing Assistant at the local vets in my spare time!

Being the chairperson means that I will lead the meetings, facilitate discussion, making sure that everyone’s voice is heard, and be available to answer any queries the members may have.

I am excited to see and be a part of what the council this year will achieve - bring it on


Job Description:

  • Student Council chair to be a student
  • Chair is to guide the meetings through the agenda
  • Facilitate discussion and ensure time limits are kept to
  • Chase, collate and circulate reports in advance of meetings (1 week and 2 days before each meeting) to members to ensure council members are informed before meetings.
  • Facilitate voting in and outside of meetings- Chair has no voting rights
  • All the business is discussed
  • Everyone’s views are heard
  • Clear decisions are reached
  • The meeting starts and finishes on time.
  • Don’t use your position as an opportunity to impose your views. You are there to facilitate the meeting, not dominate it.
  • Keep an overview – remember your role as chair.
  • Listen to other people.
  • Make sure all view points get heard – including those you disagree with.
  • Don’t be under-assertive- make sure you keep conversations to time and task without imposing your own views
  • Restraining those who talk too much.
  • Encouraging those who are quiet, nervous, or new to meetings.