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SABB Roles

The President and Vice Presidents are the lead officers of Chester Students’ Union, and often referred to as Sabbaticals. They are full time roles that start in the middle of June 2018 and finish on 30th June 2019. The sabbaticals are jointly responsible for the entire Union. They make day to day decisions about activities, shape strategic direction and importantly are part of the Trustee Board.


Further duties for all officers include:

  • Be a trustee of Chester Students’ Union  (registered charity)
  • Be a Director of Chester Students’ Union  (company limited by guarantee)
  • Oversee the finances
  • Represent the students of University of Chester
  • Be responsible for the day to day direction of the Union
  • Ensure all Union policies and procedures are upheld
  • Attend University meeting, representing the views of students
  • Represent students and CSU in external committees and organisations
  • Help shape the strategic direction of the Union and University
  • Help students with day to day issues and resolutions
  • Proactively gain student feedback


Apart from ‘just’ being able to shape the future for the University and Union there are many skills and development opportunities that you will gain throughout a term of office with CSU. These will include:


  • Leadership; Campaigning; Presentation Skills; Planning;
  • Motivating Others; Communications; Strategic Planning;
  • People Management


In addition to the skills, you will also receive an annual allowance of circa £18,000 and a heavily reduced rate on a University room for the year.

If you would like to stand for election nominate yourself anytime up until 23rd February.


If you'd like to know more about the roles, click below: