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Elections 2018

Your 2018 CSU Election Candidates

The following candidates have submitted a valid nomination form and are now candidates in the 2018 CSU Elections

  • President

Annalyse Corlyon-Goudeau  Facebook Page   Video

Benjamin France                   Facebook Page   Video

Edward Boyd                         Facebook Page   Video

Sophie Frost                          Facebook Page   Video


  • Vice President Education

Lawson Odere

Sophie Bell                            Facebook Page   Video

Sophie White                         Facebook Page   Video


  • Vice President Activities

Jack McGovern                     Facebook Page   Video

Nancy Baker                         Facebook Page   Video


  • Vice President Warrington

Jack Appleby                        Facebook Page   Video

Tash Fegan                           Facebook Page   Video

  • NUS Delegate

Annalyse Corlyon-Goudeau  Facebook Page   Video

Jack McGovern                     Facebook Page   Video

Leah Dobbs                          Facebook Page   Video

Melanie Greenwood             Facebook Page   Video

Michael Jones                      Facebook Page   Video

Sophie Bell                           Facebook Page   Video

Tammy Murphy                     Facebook Page   Video


To find out how the election is conducted please check the election reguations. If you need to contact the Returning Officer please email csustudentvoice@chester.ac.uk.

Voting will take place between 7 am Monday March 5th and close 5 pm Thursday 8th March. Results will be announced on the evening of Thursday 8th March.

There will be a hustings for President, VP Education, and VP Activities in CH1 Bar on the evening of Thursday March 1st from 6.30 pm.

The Warrington hustings will be in Warrington bar Friday 2nd March from 4 pm.