VC's flat rental to be set at an appropriate and fair rate

by JOHN GIBBS 10 May 2021, 15:09

Category: Union Democracy

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After spending £21,000 on preparing a flat for the VC on campus in Senate House, the university proposes charging a rent that is less than that charged to students for an on campus flat (on the grounds that the VC's flat is unfurnished and has a shared kitchen).  This means that the VC's rent is being set assuming that the VC is a student.  To do this properly, the VC should be charged an annual rent equal to her entirely salary plus £9,000 then, just like most students, the VC will effectively have no income and will also need to pay the university £9,000 a year.  Admittedly, it would be rather ludicrous to charge the VC such an enormous rent but that's simply because it is absurd to set the rent as if the VC is a student.  Instead, it makes sense that the VC should be charged the same rent as the current market price for a similar style flat within an historic building in Chester.  We students should insist on nothing less and we should expect the CSU, as our representatives, to ensure that this happens.


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