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by Anonymous 08 September 2020, 01:59

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 Require all lectures to be recorded and uploaded on the same day or within the week (preferably with subtitles, but that's a work in progress anyway), for the benefit of students who cannot attend that day, students who are not physically in Chester due to COVID-19, students who have disabilities that may prevent them from absorbing all the information in one sitting, and a variety of other needs.

 The fact that lectures are not recorded is, frankly, ridiculous - it would be very simple, even if permission from every student present is required, and it would benefit so many students. It is an easy accommodation to make for people who cannot be there or who have trouble focussing, and would make teaching much easier, as students would be able to look back on class discussions, other points of view, literature recommendations, and explanations of ther material which they could not get just from reviewing the module page or that lecture's presentation.

 This will be especially significant during these uncertain and difficult circumstances caused by COVID-19, where students have to make serious and upsetting decisions about whether to miss lectures due to health concerns or to attend and risk their health, and, in some areas, self-isolation on their return home. 

 I believe that the SU should petition the university immediately to record and upload all lectures given this academic year, otherwise they will not be championing inclusivity and accessibility. The SU as an entity exists to help the students for the good of the many - and accessible teaching is good for all.

 Thank you.


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    GLEN COLEMAN   wrote, 11-09-2020 - 14:52

    I have been advised by my department that lectures will be recorded and available at any time on line however seminars will not be so and students are expected to 'attend' either in person, and abide by government imposed restrictions, or remotely online at the specific time of the seminars. This does not take into account those who are unable (or unwilling) to abide by the restrictions and attend in person or those who do not have access for any reason to computers and/ or internet facilities at the times of the seminars and thus will miss out on a large part of their studies. As such I agree with the original post and would add that I believe the SU should also be urgently petitioning the university that ALL lectures AND seminars are recorded and available online for those unable (or unwilling) to 'attend' either in person or 'live' remotely on the internet. As the original post suggests, failure to do this will negate the university's suggestion they are championing inclusivity and accessibility. Many thanks.

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