Aspire Book Scheme Available For All Students.

by Anonymous 15 December 2020, 15:25

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The Aspire Book Scheme is stated 'to help (you) make the very best of your time at the University by improving access to the learning tools you need to support your studies'. However, the Aspire Book Scheme is only available to Full time year 1 students. This means that later year groups, Foundation students and Part time students do not have the same support and are not getting access to learning tools (such as books) that are vital to their course. Additionally, according to Aspire Books at University of Chester website - 'Your fees for the course cover the payment for these core books, and the University of Chester is committed to ensuring value for money and that Year 1 students have access when they begin their studies to tools for learning and success'. As students we pay the same amount of money for our studies every year (what we pay for our learning in Year 1 is the same as what we pay in Years 2 and 3 etc), so why should we pay extra for learning tools that are vital to our learning and success. One example being - English Literature Students - As a Year 1 full time student the Aspire Book Scheme gave those students access to books that were classed as core books on the module (you were required to read them). Yet if you are not a Year 1 Full time student, you have to pay a 'hidden additional fee' for those core books that is not covered in your fees for the course. With most books averaging at £8-10, and with an average of 6 books for each module (in my case 5 modules) the cost adds up. So, are all students getting their value for money? If some have to personally pay for core books and others get the same books included in their course fee.

Learning resources/ tools should be available to everyone since everyone has the right to succeed! So, let’s try to make the Aspire Book Scheme available to all students!



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