A Student Experience Rep (SER) is a student who is elected to represent the voice of their peers.

SERs are split into two areas: Course Reps and Department/Group Reps.

SERs are volunteers who are elected provide an invaluable role by working with other students and staff to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

The main job of a SER is to gather feedback from students on a variety of themes. These can be academic and non-academic, as well as positive and negative. They share this feedback at meetings with University staff and the Students’ Union.

SERs help to ensure ongoing issues are resolved and ensure staff are aware of key changes that could be made to benefit the student experience. SERs learn key employability skills and receive extensive training throughout the year and are recognised for the work that they do through awards and networking.

CSU has a dedicated Academic Rep Team who support reps in their role throughout the year.

SER elections take place at the start of the academic year, so please get in touch with your course leader or the Students’ Union (studentreps@chester.ac.uk) if you are interested in the role.

VP Education: Jack Rankin – sueducation@chester.ac.uk
Academic Rep Coordinator: Chloe Anderson – c.anderson@chester.ac.uk 

Resources and News

We really appreciate the support of staff and students across the university who help ensure our SER system is effective.

Whether you are a staff member or student, these resources will help explain the role of a Student Experience Rep and your involvement in the system.

If you have any further questions please contact studentreps@chester.ac.uk 

Contact Your SER

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