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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

Freshers 2017 was a fantastic start to the year with a great deal of interest shown and twice the number of members ended up joining as last year. Throughout the year Wild went on many walks around Chester and further afield, for example we visited Delamere forest a few times, and enjoyed a walk down the canal in the snow. We also got involved in a few volunteer projects, doing some hedge-laying for Newferry Butterfly Park and Trefnant Nature Reserve and litter-picking along the Chester Greenway with Sustrans.

Not all of our sessions are outdoors though, we had several nature documentary nights and a few wildlife quiz sessions, as well as two charity nights near Christmas for Operation Christmas Child and for making charity cards for terminally ill children.

Wild also ran a few more “academic” sessions, including a visit to Bangor university for Venom Day, a day of lectures from several scientists on types of venom and the species which produce it, uses, antidotes etc. There were also a few visits to museums like the Liverpool Museum.

There were also many socials throughout the year, where we would spend a few hours in the pub playing games like Jenga, nothing too wild!

We finished the year off with a day trip to Llandudno, where we spent our day on the beach observing the jellyfish and enjoying the sun. Overall its been a fun year with a wide range of activities for members to enjoy, and we hope to make this year an even better one!



Wild has been involved in a few volunteer projects throughout the year, such as hedge-laying and coppicing at Newferry Butterfly Park and Trefnant Nature Reserve. Although the work can be tiring our members always enjoy helping out and getting their hands dirty!

We have also done a few litter-picks along the Chester Greenway with Sustrans, and each time we have collected an astounding amount of litter, which shows how much a few hours of our time here and there can really make a difference.



Chester Wild has been commended for its contributions to the environment by Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots this year, an astounding achievement that we are very proud of and hope to live up to this year.

Wild is also pleased to have run such a range of sessions this year, as we know everyone has different interests and whilst some may enjoy working outdoors others may prefer more peaceful walks or even just a quiet evening to end the week watching a documentary, and we have incorporated all of these activities into our sessions, so hopefully all of our members have enjoyed being a part of our society.


PLANS FOR 2018/19

We wish to become even more involved with the local community by running more volunteering sessions and teaming up with more nature related charities. We haven’t raised much money for charity this year, preferring to give our time for volunteering, so perhaps next year we could aim to raise more money for charity too, whilst increasing our volunteering.



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