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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18:-

2017-2018 was the first year for Theology and Religious Studies Society. We had a stall at the Sports and Societies fair that year, with members signing up. An introductory night was held in October 2017. Members were mostly those who were students within the TRS department. Throughout the year the society ran two debate nights, on topics that were related to the area of Theology and Religious Studies such as the 2018 Abortion Referendum in Republic of Ireland. The society also ran socials, including ones with the TRS Department such as “Hollywood at Hollybank,” where the department has a showing of a film which would be followed with a discussion afterwards. On the last “Hollywood in Hollybank” of the year (2017-2018 academic year), the committee used what was left in their budget to have pizzas at the event.  A leaver’s meal was also had for third year students and staff members of the department.


In December 2017, the society held a charity quiz night at the CH1 Bar. With it being in December there was a Christmas theme. The CH1 Bar made a new drink for the occasion, which they called “SantaLad,” based on the CH1 Bar’s “BazzaLad” drinks. Money raised from the event went to Shelter.


  • TRS Society had its first year of being a society, and had prove4n to be successful and popular.
  • TRS Society managed to have regular events such as “Hollywood at Hollybank” and will continue into the next academic year.
  • TRS Society’s first charity event was popular.

PLANS FOR 2018-19

This year we hoping to run several events including karaoke nights, theatre trips, bowling trips and meals out etc. We will also be continuing “Hollywood at Hollybank” with the TRS Department, and other events that the department may do.

We will also be doing charity events such as quiz nights in the SU Bar, and having sweets or popcorn at “Hollywood at Hollybank” with a 50p charge. We also hope to do some community events such as the community clean-up event in the Garden Quarter, which is done by the SU.


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