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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

Tennis has had a fantastic year, the pinnacle being winning the community awards at the sports awards at the end of the year. This rounded off a successful year with a celebration after all our hard work and effort.

The teams had a successful year also as all teams stayed in their respected BUCs leagues including women’s, men’s 1st and men’s 2nd . This is a high achievement as the women compete in division 2 and the men in division 1.

Throughout the year, the whole club has had brilliant coaching sessions from both external coaches and students. This has given a great community feel to the club this year.



This year we won the community award for our fundraising efforts and community input. We have had the Hoole tennis club using campus courts. Students did some of the coaching for this throughout the year.

As a club we have also done a lot of fundraising throughout the year, including our big half marathon which we got in the local paper for.



All of our teams have remained in our respected BUCs league. This is a big achievement as we play at the highest BUCs level at the Uni.

Another triumph was winning the community award and completing the half marathon, I’m still in pain from that one haha.


PLANS FOR 2018-19

We have made a plan with Hoole tennis to get more coaching for players for all levels and abilities. This will be a brilliant development for the whole club and community. We are aiming to win at least 2 out of 3 BUCs leagues and continue to provide brilliant coaching for all members.

We are also planning a BIG charity event for next year.


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