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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

The swimming and Waterpolo club have had a very fun and successful year. We welcomed many new members in freshers week, who soon became part of the swimming and Waterpolo family. Throughout the year we have attended several competitions including BUCs long and short course, where l we saw many swimmers achieving personal bests and also had numerous finalists. We had an extremely successful year raising money for our chosen charities, which we achieved through many fundraisers, which included swimming the distance of the English Channel. The year finished with the long awaited varsity competition which saw the whole team get together for an extremely close event, which everyone enjoyed. The sports presentation marked the end of the sporting year, where the team gathered one last time to celebrate all achieved throughout the year.



Throughout the year we held many fundraisers with the aim of raising as much as possible for our chosen charities. These fundraisers included events such as charity gala’s, sponsored swims, team quizzes as well as many others. As a club we also like to do our part for the community, which involved raising awareness for the homeless for which we took part in a one night stay outside. We also visited the local care home to host a Christmas party, of which the club members and residents all thoroughly enjoyed.



We have had many triumphs as a team throughout the past year. When attending all BUCs competitions, we saw many swimmers achieving personal bests and even had several reaching the finals and finishing in medal positions. The swimming team also received the best results they’ve had in years at the team champs, after only being promoted last year. As a team we also managed to raise a huge amount of money for our chosen charities, of which we are very proud of. The past year has consisted of many events within the swimming and Waterpolo club, including social events which everyone enjoys and also several events to raise awareness throughout the community.


PLANS FOR 2018/19

For the new year we hope to welcome many new members to join our society. As always our aim will be to attend many competitions and we hope for as many members to get involved in these as possible. We also hope to organise many friendly gala’s and polo matches to give all members the chance to improve and get involved. The past year we were extremely successful with our fundraising and we hope to maintain this in the new year by organising many events for everyone to get involved with. The swimming and Waterpolo society is also a place you can come to have fun, so we aim to hold many socials throughout the year so the whole team can also come together outside of the pool.


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