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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

This year we have had a successful year at squash as we have been on several trips to Manchester to meet Laura Massaro and her video documentary about squash. We also went to the squash national championships to watch the best players in Britain play. This year we have also got the first ever squash coach in from out of university and we have noticed substantial improvements within the first few weeks of Laurie starting. The girls team have also reached the semi-finals in the cup, despite not doing as well in the BUCS leagues. The second men’s team finished 5th in BUCs and everyone got to play. The men’s first team did not do as well, however they still won any games despite being promoted into a higher league last year. For #BUCSgirlscan, we carried out a successful raffle with several good prizes and raising money for charity. We also took part in the community clean up with the SU in the morning.



In squash this year we have raised money for the Pink Ribbon charity by carrying out a raffle with various prices including tickets for the Manchester National Squash Championships, a signed top by Laura Massaro and plenty more fun prices for university students and squash players. We also participated in the community clean up, tidying up Chester.



This year we have had many successes from the Women’s team getting through to the semi-finals of the cup and traveling up to Hull for the match in the snow to having the first ever squash coach to Chester university. We have had an exclusive invite by Laura Massaro to a private screening of her new documentary “Warrior”.


PLANS FOR 2018/19

In the upcoming year, we are hoping to raise £125 for the charity ‘Children Today’. To do this we are planning on holding a similar raffle to last year and an exciting and new to Chester University, event which is soon to be confirmed – more will be said at the sports and Society fair 2018! We are planning to get coaching from the start of the year to improves everyone’s game and compete even better in BUCs games.  In 2019, we are hoping to have a day at the National squash championships again. Not only are there going to be big events like the ones stated but we are also going to hold sober socials from the beginning of the year to help get to know each other and make a big friendship group



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