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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

From great turn-outs at the sports and societies fair and taster sessions, to smashing scores and victories, this past year has been an amazing year for the team!

We all looked forward to each Wednesday, and training was always fun and challenging. We had amazing, dedicated coaches, and; despite some cancellations due to weather, we powered through and had some successful games, as well as participating in Varsity with University of Salford (which Chester won overall!) 



Over the last year, the team have been involved in some amazing fundraising events!
A shirt auction was held to raise money by selling the teams old kit, and a few of the girls bravely participated in Dry January in aid of the Foundation of Women’s Health Research and Development (FORWARD UK), which was a very worthy cause.



  • Winning the first match of the season against Newcastle

  • Some of the girls participating in Dry January in aid of FORWARD UK and raising over the £100 target

  • Participated in Community Clean up

  • Held a successful old kit auction for charity

  • Despite some cancellations due to poor weather, we came together as a team and won against University of Liverpool with a score of 48-5

  • Participated in Varsity, which Chester won overall!


PLANS FOR 2018/19

For 2018/19, we plan to win our league, and to increase the amount of charity and community work we by organising more fundraising events; such as quizzes, and to split the proceeds between the university charity and a charity of our choice, as well as hold rugby events within the local community. We also aim to make a new world record with the most amount of 30 second planks completed students and staff on all Chester campuses.


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