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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

In 2017/18, rounders and softball has gone from strength to strength, from performing in our first tournament to our first home Varsity. Last year we met our membership target and consistently had members turning up to each training session, along with our socials.



This year we managed to raise more money than we ever have during the years club captain’s time in the society which made her incredibly proud!



  • Performed in our first home Varsity

  • Played our first tournament

  • Raised more money than previous years

  • Got into contact with many more universities than last year


PLANS FOR 2018/19

We are collectively looking forward to this academic year of playing rounders and softball – we are actively going to try and make a more conscious effort to play more games throughout the year and potentially host our own tournament.

We are looking to raise more money for charity this year by trying to come up with more fun and innovative ideas e.g. there is talks about the team climbing Snowdon.

There is the potential idea to split the training of both sports to their individual training days in which members can choose to play either sport and get decent training on both.

We are looking to make the team a more welcoming and inclusive atmosphere to hopefully gain the most signups to date and make the sport the most fun we possibly can as we understand that the university lifestyle is stressful enough.


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