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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18


Attending sports and society fair brought great success this year as we were able to recruit a good number of students to help benefit the squad and to achieve our arranged target for DOCs. We had white t-shirt social that had a very good turnout and brought numerous benefits, one being that we got to know each other. This social had positive feedback from the squad because everyone got some form of benefit from attending.

We hosted and attended friendly games, started these in good time before the season so were able to see the strength and weaknesses on individual players and to give the feedback. We then attending Northern, this was a two-day tournament, which we had some success but are hoping to better in this tournament in the upcoming season. Played league games at the end and beginning of the year Bangor, Manchester, Liverpool etc. As a team we achieved great results home and away which helped get a solid position in the league, but issues with scheduling of other teams and tournament we were unable to complete the full league season.

Previous committee organised to sperate social events which was the Christmas meal and Yule ball. We had a good commitment from members, which made them an enjoyable evening.

The next tournament that we attended was Cottonopolis, this was a one-day tournament just outside of Manchester, we had a slow start that turned into a great run putting us in 3rd position out of 8 teams. Next tournament that came up next was the British Quidditch Cup, this was a two-day tournament where we had group stages the first day where we unfortunately came 3rd out of 4 teams in our group, this put us into the lower bracket tournament. The next day we had an amazing run against the teams we faced, we were in a close battle with Manchester in the finals which came down to a snitch catch to win us the game. This was a great achievement for our club because of being ranked 17th in the UK, the recognition we received and what we be known for going into the new season.

To celebrate 5 year of Quidditch in Chester we organised one game where the current team would face old player who use to represent the club. This was to celebrate and remind us of the work people have put into the club to give it the shape it is today. The current team were able to give themselves the title of the best team after beating the oldies.

We had a summer ball to celebrate the achievements through the year and to say goodbye to leaving members. It was a fitting was to celebrate as the old commitment made it an unforgettable night with an appropriate theme, awards and foods.

some of our member of the club were offered the opportunity to go Mercian, an event where you can play with other players from different universities. A great opportunity to make friends not just in Chester University but other universities too.

The last tournament of the year was Costume Cup, this was a home organised event where offered local teams to come and challenge us, this event did require to dress up in a theme. It was a good turn out to the event and ran smoothly on the day. We were grateful to take 1st place in this especially being at home at Chester.

The last major social that was organised was the end of year meal. We all went out to a local restaurant, where we got to say our final goodbyes to leaving members and give them presents as reward for their work to the club.

Overall, we have had a very successful season bringing home two trophies and keeping a good record against oppositions. We have had good turnout during training session which has made it is easier for our team captain to pick teams before upcoming event.




  • We raised as a team roughly £320.

  • The main fundraiser was the Santa dash where we raised about £230.

  • Movie night which was £50 and £40 from the bake sale



  • Attended a tournament named Cottonopolis, we came 3rd out of 8 teams that attended.

  • Won league games against Manchester, Bangor, Liverpool, etc.

  • Won lower bracket at British Quidditch Cup, this is the biggest achievement of the season, this has now ranked 17th in the UK for Quidditch teams.

  • Our previous committee organised a tournament at our Chester campus names costume cup, we came 1st in this which was a nice to end our season on a high.


PLANS FOR 2018/19

Host a game within our team around the time of when freshers are coming to Uni, hopefully to get noticed by newcomers. Going to visit Uni accommodation to leave posters to boost advertisement.

Fundraising ideas that we have started planning:

  • Santa Dash

  • Movie night 

(We are going to more fundraising to try and pass last year’s figure).

Socials planned:

  • White t-shirt

  • Games night


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