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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

Great participation and commitment to the university league throughout the year by all, with good turnouts for Wednesday night socials also. Outstanding levels of support for both team and individual matches were shown during the Great Yarmouth BUCS tournament as well as friendlies games.



Sadly this year no fundraising or community work was carried out, as such, it is an area of keen interest for this coming year.



In the university league, our first place winner, Matthew Lockwood, finished with a respectable 68 wins out of a possible 75. Closely followed by Thomas Keogh in second and Ben Taylor in third. All members greatly improved throughout the year and were recognised in the awards evening that the society held. Furthermore, recognition was given to Matthew Gibson who placed first in the BUCS flyer event in Great Yarmouth 2018.


PLANS FOR 2018/19

We are planning on continuing the current league format into next year with a few additional skills sessions where possible. There is also a possibility that mini tournaments can be arranged towards the later end of the year. We are going to hold a charity tournament towards the middle of the league and hope to raise upwards of £250 for charity.

The new social secretaries also have plans for non alcoholic social evenings such a bowling nights etc.


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